Selling business is one intricate process that you may have to deal with when you wanted instant profit from your investment. However, it is not easy to get right price of your business when you need to sell it after making huge investments to bring it into existence. Seeking the help of brokers can lead you in paying them a good amount of money for their services. So, for all such sellers, we at National Business & Real Estate bring you a unique and reliable platform where sellers can meet buyers directly and can sell their valued business in cost effective and efficient way.
Why you need to sell your business

Selling business is not as simple as it seems to be as you may wonder if it is a good idea to sell what you have built with your sweat and blood. To know if you really need to sell your business you should consider following aspects:

Value of your business

You need to consider how long you have been running your business because the longer you will run your business the riskier it will get with the passage of time. So, the value of your business may decrease with increasing duration and thus, in such scenario selling your business can prove to be a profitable option.

Increasing risk factor

When you start your business, you may find it easier to deal with risk factors as the value of your business is not much at this point. However, the risk is an inevitable part of the business and this factor grows with the passage of time. If you do not find yourself comfortable in dealing with risks associated with business then it is recommended to sell your business immediately. Any delay may not able to help you incur your investment and profit.

Opting for new options

Though you can dedicate 15-20 years of your life in building a new business and can decide for retirement afterward, however, seeking for new options is always what entrepreneurs are looking for. Change in business can keep you motivated and this way you can also deal with a risk factor that your business may face with increasing age.

These factors can help you know that if it is the right time for you to sell your business.

If yes then this is what you may need to do …

How to sell business

So, you are ready to sell your business and now it is time to get yourself organized for this purpose. Here is how you can do it:

  • Preparing your company for sale through financial audits and aligning your resources
  • Get your company evaluated through professionals
  • Check if the timings are right
  • Determine right value of your business and your financial goals
  • Get your business listed online with reputed service providers
  • Seek buyers

How can we help?

We offer:

  • Technology oriented platform for seeking right buyers
  • High quality listing for your business
  • Convenient, reliable and fast services
  • Instant advertisement and marketing of your business
  • Dedicated page for your advertisement for your business along with space for HD pictures and descriptions
  • No commission
  • No brokers
  • Giving access to Pakistan business buying selling industry


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