Comfortable interior living space is complemented by the fresh breath of greenery which serves as a soothing backdrop for the entire society. Five percent of land has been allocated for parks. A central park of approximately 22 kanals is planned at the heart of the community. This is complemented by smaller parks ranging from 10 to 2 kanals each, branching all around the community.

Green areas feature sculpted plants, flowers along thoroughfares, and a mix of deciduous and ever green trees and shrubs. Space is allocated for children’s swings and play areas along with shady spots for parents supervising their children. Jogging tracks for avid runners, and walkways for people out to enjoy the outdoors have also been incorporated into the designs.


8.8 kanals of land (39,600 sq. ft. approx) is dedicated to the construction of a state-of-the-art contemporary school and a daycare centre which will guide little ones through their first steps towards a prosperous career.


Eighteen kanals of land has been dedicated for a community centre to provide healthy activities and entertainment to the residents of the community and their selected guests.


The commercial heart of PARK VIEW VILLAS is located across opposite sides of an eighty feet wide road. It features a huge shopping mall that houses outlets of several multinational brands which overlook a magnificent atrium, capsule lifts, escalators and spacious lobbies. Shimmering fountains, exclusive entertainment areas, food court and children’s play area are just some of the attractions that add up to a unique shopping experience.


Dedicated guards equipped with latest technologically advanced crime fighting techniques patrol 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to safe guard the residents and their precious belongings so that they enjoy their life without any worries. In addition latest security cameras have been installed covering whole the society electronically. There by, reducing the chances of any undetected criminal activity taking place within the society premises.

Emergency/Backup Power Generation

Parkview housing society is one of the leading housing societies with a backup/emergency power generation facility of its own just to ensure smooth and uninterrupted power supply.

5 marla

Rs. 2,466,000

Total Price of Plot
  • Down Payment 25%: 616,500
  • 8 Quarterly installment: 231,188
  • Membership Fee: 16,000

10 marla

Rs. 5,026,000

Total Price of Plot
  • Down Payment 25%: 12,56,500
  • 4 Quarterly installment: 942,375
  • Membership Fee: 26,000

1 Kanal

Rs. 12,551,000

Total Price of Plot
  • Down Payment 25%: 3,137,750
  • 4 Quarterly installment: 2,353,313
  • Membership Fee: 51,000

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