Please go through the buying procedure and eligibility criteria for a franchise. The process of our franchise award can be accomplished either in a few weeks or can take months.
Here are few simple steps you need to follow for buying a franchise with National Business and Real Estate.
Step 1

There is actually a telephonic conversation that makes us to know you, what actually you are looking for and how we fit with what you need.

Step 2
Then we arrange a front end (face to face) meeting to know more about your needs and requirements. In that meeting, we make out a plan about what you are going to achieve with National Business and Real Estate.
Step 3
At this step we talk over the opportunity related to eligibility and investment. We also provide you an application and a Franchise Disclosure Document that is followed by a next meeting.
Step 4

We will setup meeting to discuss about the franchise setup, eligibility criteria and possible options to proceed further.

Step 5

We will provide you free training , will give you all possible related details and important instructions to set up a franchise.

Step 6
We warmly welcome you to the National Business and Real Estate team! That brings congratulations in your way!

There are many other important things to tell you about this appealing and significantly advantageous opportunity.

We can help you to buy Business, Property or Franchise!

Thinking to buy business or property? Just contact us and our experienced agent will call you shortly.