National Business and Real Estate is the first support driven company in Pakistan. Our main focus is to help our members regarding profitability when they join us.

National Business and Real Estate support teams have an extrasensory perception ability to give an external outlook about your business. That will help you to grow your business and improve your production in a right direction to achieve business goals.


The service managers of National Business and Real Estate work with you (members) to monitor your weekly and monthly performances that whether you are achieving your targets or not. They also establish the foundations to enhance the possibilities of your success.


National Business and Real Estate strongly believe in investing for latest training programs for the development of our company.

Our learning system includes the complete set of expertise to perform the responsibilities required for running a successful real estate business.


National Business and Real Estate has a capable group of IT professionals just away from a call and ready to assist you in case of any technical problems and challenges.

National Business and Real Estate support is always readily available to help you whether you need assistance for eSales, websites or emails related issues.


eSales management report system enables all the franchises to analyze the performance and achievement reports of their business. It helps you to better understand the actual position of your real estate business.

We can help you to buy Business, Property or Franchise!

Thinking to buy business or property? Just contact us and our experienced agent will call you shortly.